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Front Door of Home - staired walkwayThe protection offered by a security alarm system is very important to you and to us. We specialize in alarm system design, installation and maintenance. Our profession is protecting your most precious commodities…the safety and well being of your family, home or business.

We provide you with a very serious benefit … peace of mind.

Once an alarm system is installed, quality monitoring is vital. When your alarm goes off, who is listening? Will they know exactly what to do and act quickly? CS Technologies Plus formerly known as CSOnline Security has partnered with one of the leading monitoring companies in the U.S. Your security system will be monitored 365 days a year, 24 hours a day from fully-redundant Command Centers.

Maximum Monitoring

Five Employees at Security Monitoring Station - Three at monitors Trained professionals keep a 24/7/365 watchful eye whether you are home, at work or away. Experienced and intensively trained staff provide skilled and courteous service in both emergency and non-emergency situations. We also provide local installation, support and hardware warranty services provided by a trusted name in the community—CS Technologies Plus formerly CSOnline. CS Technologies Plus offers “trained and certified” security installers with the necessary security clearances. CS Technologies Plus is an established business with 29+ years of technical experience.

Should your alarm be activated, an alarm communicator that we install will automatically transmit event information to the central station. Advanced computers immediately display the response procedure you specified for your emergency and dispatchers quickly take action, contacting you, us, the proper authorities and/or other contacts designated by you.

Rest assured that if you need us…..WE ARE THERE!

Keeping Your Family Safe and Secure

Mother and Daughter EmbracingWe offer protection and monitoring for intrusion, fire, flood and medical emergency. We have the technology, the experience, the expertise and the resources needed to assure your maximum protection.


We provide you with a very serious benefit...peace of mind.

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Enjoy the freedom of independent living - trusted by seniors across North America!

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