11 Reasons you should utilize the Web

  1. The Web is Inexpensive – compared to a large advertisement in the newspaper, the costs are similar.  The website is longer term and will reach a broader audience. 
  2.  Your website can grow with you – As your business grows, so can your website.  You can start off with a few pages and grow in complexity if needed.
  3. The web is up-to-date – You can change your content as often as you would like.  With traditional media, small changes are not easily completed or they can take weeks to mail. 
  4. The Web can count how many viewers you have – You can get a good idea of how many visitors and what they viewed on your website.  No other media can show you this type of detailed information. 
  5. The Web will help you stay connected – Providing fast information, it is easy to build a stronger, more loyal relationships with customers and potential customers.
  6. The Web is Commonplace – It is hard to imagine doing business or researching a product or service without the Web.  Almost every home and business use the Web on a daily business.  Can you imagine not having a telephone?    
  7. The Web can build awareness of your “brand” – Blogging and giving reviews online has become very popular even if you don’t have a website.  You can join these forums, or host a section for reviews.
  8. The Web works even while you are asleep – Why stop working when you go home?  The Web works all day, every day - non-stop - everywhere.
  9.  The Web can reduce customer support costs – The website can provide an arena to have customers go to troubleshoot or find FAQs.  The online support is faster and less expensive, unlike having “live” customer service representatives waiting on the clock to answer common questions or problems.
  10. The Web provides invaluable information – From payments, downloadable forms, internal and external communications and other interactive systems.  It will cost you less than telephone calls, staffing and paper communications.
  11.  Your competitors are already using the Web – Why let the competition get the leg up?  By getting a website, you can even the playing field.  Let potential customers know about you and your products.  Don’t be lost in the phone book….people surf the Web to find the resources that they need.  


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11 Reasons You Should Utilize The Web

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