Special Introductory Rate for New Dial-up Customers

All new dial-up customers have the choice of their first 12 months for only $95 or their first 3 months for only $20.00!  (Then our standard rates will apply.  Click here for information on our standard rates.)

Customers from all locations (click here for information on the areas we serve) are eligible for this introductory offer, and will revert to the regular rate for that location after the 12 months or 3 months are over.

Only new customers are eligible for this offer.  Previous customer accounts must have been inactive for 12 months to be considered a new customer.

Refund Policies:

The $20 payment for the first three months is non-refundable after one-month of service unless the new customer cannot get connected with us for whatever reason.

The payment of $95 for the first year is refundable but will be prorated at the regular monthly rate for the time used. (For example: Let's say the regular monthly rate for your location is $18.95/mo and you buy the $95 one year special and use it for 2 months and decide to cancel. You would be required to pay for 2 months at $18.95/mo or $37.90 and we would refund the balance of $57.10 ($95-$37.90). In this example, after five months of service, you are not eligible for a refund (5mo X $18.95/mo = $94.75).



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