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What Is Dial-Up Internet?

Dial-up Internet Access is a common method of Internet access. When your computer’s modem connects [via a telephone line] to one of our modems, you can access the Internet. To use Dial-Up you must have a phone line and a computer with a modem. Connection speeds of 40-50 KBPS are common.

Who Typically Uses Dial-Up Internet?

While anyone with a phone line and a computer with a modem can utilize Dial-Up Internet, it is especially recommended when:

  • You are located in a rural or remote area where no other methods of Internet access are available.
  • You are on a budget and want something inexpensive.

Performance Limitations With Dial-Up Internet

Of all the methods used to access the Internet, Dial-Up is the slowest method. The slower connection speed means that you will probably have trouble viewing videos, video teleconferencing or playing some games online. If your main usage would be checking your email or basic web browsing however, Dial-Up will work great.

Alternative To Dial-Up Internet Service

Faster Internet access is available at relatively affordable rates. Besides much greater speeds, one immediate benefit is that no phone line is required.

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